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Construction and Development

Scope of Services
Kokua Realty, LLC builds on a powerful commitment to improve the communities in which Kokua Realty works. Since 1987, Kokua Realty has developed, acquired and managed millions of square feet of office, industrial and retail projects in Hawaii. While providing superior service, consistent quality and on-time, on-budget execution of commercial projects, Kokua Realty has completed projects throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Kokua Realty’s construction division was created to serve as the construction management arm for Kokua Realty on all of its projects. Today, Kokua Realty has executed numerous successful projects and also works with third-party development firms, property management firms and corporate clients throughout Hawaii.

The primary goal of Kokua Realty is to ensure the successful completion of every project, thereby establishing relationships that will continue long into the future. Kokua Realty maintains the highest standards of quality on every project and treats each client with integrity and respect. Kokua Realty attributes its success to its ability to perform as an integral member of the project team, working closely with:
•    Developers
•    End Facility Users
•    Property Managers
•    Tenants
•    Brokers
•    Architects
•    Engineers
•    Subcontractors
•    Municipal Agencies

The Kokua Realty development team has developed and acquired projects that have kept values for the long term, from individual commercial buildings to industrial properties.

Growing and prospering through a series of market cycles, Kokua Realty’s financial stability and long-standing relationships with some of the nation’s premier financial institutions have allowed it to thrive and prosper.

While generating superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors and providing desired projects for the communities in which it works,Kokua Realty development professionals have been meeting the needs of third-party corporate clients, governmental agencies and institutions for nearly 33 years.

condev2Core Construction & Development
•    Acquisition
•    Adaptive-Reuse
•    Asset Management
•    Build-to-Suit
•    Entitlement
•    Fee Development
•    Master Planning
•    Project Management
•    Redevelopment
•    Speculative Development

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